How often does a moonbow occur?

How often does a moonbow occur?

A moonbow, also known as a lunar rainbow or lunar bow, is a rare type of rainbow produced when moonlight shines on the droplets of water in the air. 

It is usually seen in mountainous areas and is more common during a full moon.

The moonbow phenomenon is not very common and can only be seen under certain conditions. 

The most important condition for seeing a moonbow is that there must be water droplets in the air. 

These droplets are usually suspended in the air due to updrafts created by windy conditions or high humidity so they can stay suspended for long periods of time.

The moonbow is an optical phenomenon which occurs during a full moon, when the moon is in the sky. 

The moon’s light refracts through the water droplets in the air, and light appears to come from all around. 

The most common time for a moonbow to occur is just before sunrise or just after sunset.

Moonbows are very hard to predict and it is not known how often they happen. 

They can happen all year round but are most common in winter, when there are more hours of darkness and less chance of rain or snow clouds blocking the view of the full moon.