Can you Get Powers From being Struck by lightning

Can you get powers from being struck by lightning

Are you asking if lightning can magically turn you into some kind of superman? No, it can’t. 

People struck by lightning can survive sometimes, maybe suffering various injuries, burns and so on; broken bones are possible if the lightning causes extreme muscle contractions. 

If you survive, you get the power to tell an interesting story, but that’s all.

The only time I was struck by lightning I was in an aeroplane, and I knew lightning is pretty harmless for aeroplanes so that was good fun. 

The aircraft made a bang, like a giant drum, and all the windows lit up at once for an instant. 

Against the noise of the engines you’re not normally aware of people talking

but when they all stop talking at exactly the same time you notice the shocked silence filling the cabin! It wasn’t quite silence; I spoke. 

I had a pilot’s licence at the time and I had been watching the weather patterns 

and was half expecting the lightning strike, so the silence was broken by my happy voice telling my wife “that was the aeroplane being struck by lightning!”