Orton Dilatometer Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Version 5.2.1 is now available as a free downloadable upgrade for all previous Orton Dilatometers equipped with the Orton Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista level software.



Summary of of recent enhancements contained in version 5.2.1:

  • ACE - ACE has been renamed to Alpha CTE.

  • Option Menu - Y Axis - This option allows the user to select the combination of PLC, DCE, and Alpha CTE for the Y-axes. The option of Alpha CTE has replaced ACE.

  • Option Menu - Model Number - The list of model numbers has been expanded to include past and current models.

  • Options Menu - File Directories - This is a new menu option. In prior versions, the software automatically generated a "Data" and a "Calibrat" folder on the PC hard drive. ODF and OSF files were automatically placed in this "Data" folder, and CAL and REF were automatically placed in this "Calibrat" folder. The software would also automatically retrieve the required files from these folders. Now the user selects this menu option to specify where the ODF/OSF, CAL, and REF files are to be placed, and from where the software will retrieve them. The software will continue to access these folders until the user changes them.

  • COE Button & Calculations - The abbreviation "COE" has been changed to "CTE" (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion).

  • CTE Button & Calculations - The table for calculating CTE's (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) has been modified to allow correct CTE calculations between two points in multiple segment thermal cycles. The CTE screen now requests the thermal cycle segment number along with the temperature. The user can also specify the exponent for CTE calculations that are displayed on the monitor, on printed graphs, and in data tables.


Download this executable file:

 Version 5.2.1.exe


After you download this executable file to your PC, place it into the same location as the previous executable. Unless changed by the operator, the previous executable was automatically placed into the following location:


C:\Program Files\Orton


After you place the new executable into the same location, the user should manually create a shortcut to this file so it can be opened easily.

If you have any problems with downloading or installing this upgrade, please call or e-mail Orton at (614) 818-1330 or baldwin@ortonceramic.com .




Note 1: This software upgrade will NOT work if you are currently using the DOS version of Orton software. The Windows level executables use DLL files that are not part of the DOS software. Users that purchased an Orton dilatometer with Windows level software, and users that purchased the Windows level software upgrade from Orton will already have the necessary DLL files. The Version 5.2.1 executable will use the same DLL files. If you want to upgrade from your DOS software to current Windows level software, please contact Jim Baldwin at baldwin@ortonceramic.com to purchase this upgrade package.


Note 2: If your digital dilatometer begins with serial number "TXD", and has not been upgraded to a current Orton computer / controller board, your system will NOT be compatible with Windows XP or Vista.


Note 3: This software requires special installation on Windows Vista. Please contact Orton for instructions. Please periodically visit this page for updated information.

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