Orton Thermoanalytical Instruments

Thermoanalytical Instruments are used to measure changes in the physical properties of materials when they are heated or cooled. Orton manufactures a range of thermoanalytical instruments (dilatometers, gradient furnaces, and glass testing instruments) designed specifically for ceramics, glass, whitewares, structural clay, refractories, technical ceramics, investment casting bodies, electronic ceramics, electrical ceramics, advanced ceramics, and other materials for R&D, QC, and educational applications.


Thermodilatometric Analysis (TDA)

TDA.png Orton dilatometers are designed to measure the dimensional changes of ceramics, glasses, metals, carbon composites, cermets, minerals, and polymers as a function of temperature for R&D, QC, and educational applications. The dilatometer records reversible and irreversible changes in length (expansion and shrinkage) during heating and cooling. Orton dilatometers are used for various ASTM testing procedures to measure the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), softening point, glass transition temperature, curie point, crystalline transformation, phase transition, shrinkage, warping, bloating, sintering rate, isothermal creep, stress relaxation. Standard dilatometers are made for temperature from -150°C to 1,600°C.


Gradient Furnace (GTF)


The Orton Gradient Furnace is the most powerful and most cost effective laboratory instrument for studying the reactions of a material as a function of temperature. In one firing, the Orton Gradient Furnace thermally processes a series of samples with known thermal histories for measuring and studying the effects of temperature on their reactions and physical properties. After one firing, you can study the effects of a temperature range on properties such as shrinkage, sintering, density, porosity, absorption, surface area, color, degree of crystallization, phase development, electrical properties, magnetic properties, and others. Orton Gradient Furnaces are made for operation between room temperature and 1,600°C.





Glass Testing Instruments


glass_chart.pngOrton manufactures a series of physical property instruments specifically designed for glass R&D and QC applications. These instruments determine specific temperature points such as the softening point, annealing point, strain point, liquidus point, and transition temperature. These instruments also determine the temperature / viscosity ranges of various glass compositions.


Spare Parts

Please contact your Orton Sales Representative or Orton to order replacement parts for your Orton or Harrop Instrument. For faster service, please provide the model and serial numbers of the instrument.


Software Upgrades

Users of Windows based Orton dilatometers can download the most current version of the data acquisition and analysis software.

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